The apartment building at Suur-Jõe 47 has the best location within the City of Pärnu - a peaceful and naturally beautiful area by Pärnu River, surrounded by a developed service and living environment.

All the necessary services are located nearby: the Suurejõe Selver supermarket and sports hall are located 500 m away, Pärnu River and a swimming spot as well as the Jaanson Health Trail are 200 m to the north-east, and the Pärnu Kastani kindergarten is 100 m away. The Pärnu Tennis Hall is also within walking distance.

Jaanson Health Trail

Within the framework of the ‘Fitness trail on the left bank of Pärnu River’ project, a 4-kilometre light traffic road was built on the area between two bridges on the left bank of Pärnu River. Along with the light traffic road on the right bank of the river, it forms an 8-kilometre trail which has for some time now been called the Jüri Jaanson Trail. Lighting, bicycle racks, rubbish bins and benches have been installed along the trail.

Suurejõe Selver

The Suurejõe Selver supermarket is open every day from 09:00 to 23:00. Additional services at Selver: SelveEkspress, flowers, Jardin, Ossu Pet Shop, Benu Pharmacy, OÜ Ventex Group – sliding doors, wardrobes, partition walls, kitchen furniture, SEB Bank and Swedbank ATMs, Mobifon – sales of mobile phones and accessories, cosmetics store, a reverse vending machine.

Pärnu Sports Hall

The hall is used for basketball, volleyball and other sports. During afternoons, the youth of the city train at the hall, while the hall is open to city residents and sports enthusiasts in the evenings. The Sports Hall is also the best place for Pärnu ballgame team competitions.

Pärnu Kastani Kindergarten

Kastani Kindergarten is located 100 m from Jaanson House. There are 12 groups at the kindergarten and there is a swimming pool in the kindergarten building. The available support services include individual development plans for children with special needs, and swimming training at the kindergarten pool.

Swimming spot by Pärnu River

A superb swimming spot is located by Pärnu River, just a few hundred metres from the house. No need for a trip to the beach for a good swim!

Pärnu Tennis Centre

The tennis courts of the Pärnu Tennis Centre are located in the midst of greenery, a few hundred metres from the beach. The Tennis Centre has 6 outdoors courts, plus a gym and a modern indoor hall with 6 indoor courts.